Beatrice Bianchi Fasani, Esq, is the founder of BFCMG, and a Florida licensed attorney specialized in real estate, as well as corporate and tax law.


BFCMG, acronym for “Bianchi Fasani Capital Management,” is a consulting and capital management company. They specialize in the management of real estate investments and in the internationalization of companies wishing to approach and invest in the American market.


The Group is founded and managed by Beatrice Bianchi Fasani, a Florida lawyer, and includes the following companies:


– Bianchi Fasani Law, a law firm specializing in corporate, real estate and tax law;


– Florida Luxury Title Agency, a real estate title insurance agency that deals with the analysis of the real estate title and the complete management of sales.


– Global Wealth Preservation, a company for the complete management of companies and properties.


BFCMG’s goal is to manage every aspect of real estate transactions. The Group has activated a professional network capable of managing every aspect of real estate transactions.


1. Through its real estate agency, BFCMG offers assistance in identifying the property that best suits the customer’s requests.


2. With the assistance of the Bianchi Fasani Law Firm, BFCMG offers clients legal and tax planning. This is essential in order to identify and create the most suitable corporate structure for the investment, brokerage and representation during the sale and purchase phase.


3. BFCMG professionally manages the properties that its customers intend to make income. From the search and management of tenants, to the drafting of the lease agreement, up to the coordination of any maintenance problem. They provide the owners with financial statements and all relevant information relating to the property entrusted to the business. From tax and legal planning for the investment and the search for the most suitable property for the client’s requests, to complete assistance and intermediation during the purchase and sale phase. They also handle the management of the property to maximize your profits.


The second aspect of BFCMG’s core business consists in helping foreign companies to expand their commercial activities in the American market.


BFCMG, through a dense network of professionals with whom it collaborates on a daily basis, is able to cover all aspects of internationalization in the USA.


1. With the assistance of the law firm Bianchi Fasani Law, BFCMG offers clients legal and tax planning to identify and create the most suitable corporate structure. In addition to the complete management of the company from a tax, legal, contractual and corporate point of view.


2. BFCMG, through law firm Bianchi Fasani Law, offers complete assistance in obtaining a visa, issued (depending on the case) with an investment in the USA, and, if necessary, in the registration of trademarks.


3. BFCMG is the only interlocutor and point of contact between the foreign company and all the characters or key aspects for the development of your business. This ranges from the accountant, to the management of Logistics for the import of the product to the USA, to the registered office of the company and the personalized receptionist service.

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