Business Visas

As a particularly attractive place to establish a subsidiary for a foreign company, the United States provides a business visa system for non-resident investors. BFCMG, with the assistance of Law firm Bianchi Fasani Law, assists its clients in legal practices relating exclusively to obtaining the visas listed below.


– B1: With this visa it is not allowed to be employed, or to receive earnings for professional services from American companies / entities. Instead, you can negotiate contracts, consult with business associates, initiate arbitration and court cases, participate in seminars, do research, and engage in other permitted activities.


– E1 International Trade: With an E-1 visa, you can be admitted to the United States solely to engage in the international trade of goods, which produces a substantial volume of business between the United States and a treaty country (such as Italy ).


– E2 Investor: With an E2 visa, it is allowed to direct the operations of an American company (both in the case of a new company to be established, or of an existing company to be acquired) in which the applicant has carried out, or is in the process of carrying out , a substantial investment.

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