FDA Approval for Foods and Cosmetics

BFCMG will be the only interlocutor and point of contact between the client and the professionals who will deal with the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), when necessary. The same goes for all the requirements imposed by the FDA for the sale of products in the USA.


Contrary to popular belief, FDA approval is not required for all types of food, cosmetics or other products.


With food, the FDA has the authority to approve only certain ingredients before they are used in food, but not the food itself. These ingredients include additives, dyes or other similar substances.


With cosmetics, FDA approval is not required for cosmetics or their ingredients, with the exception of color additives.


Finally, as regards food supplements, these too do not require FDA approval, including their ingredients, with the exception of supplements that contain “new” ingredients, or ingredients never placed on the American market before 1994.


On the other hand, it is essential that the label of the products respects the rules imposed by the FDA. BFCMG will take care of the revision, or preparation, of the label of your products.

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