Open Bank Account

If you decide to run a small business in the USA, a business bank account is not an option. It is a requirement. Although opening a bank by a non-resident may seem complicated, it is entirely possible. Here is the list of information most banks will require when creating a new corporate bank account.

1. Articles of Incorporation/ Organization

2. EIN (Employer Identification Letter) confirmation letter.
3. Operating agreement/ Bylaws/ Shareholder Agreement

4. A US business address 

5. A copy of Passport with a secondary form of ID of all signers on the account.


BFCMG will collect these documents for you and our lawyer will open your corporate bank account. Our clients will be able to control the transactions in and out the account. This is crucial for peace of mind when dealing with this type of tedious paperwork. 


Opening a bank account is always a positive decision for your financial growth.

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