Title and Escrow Agency

After guiding our clients with finding a property and planning a structure for their investment, BFCMG, will also provide the services necessary for the purchase of the property and issuance of a title insurance with the assistance of Florida Luxury Title Agency.


Florida Luxury Title Agency is a trusted South Florida title company owned and operated by Beatrice Bianchi Fasani, the founder of BFCMG.  The Agency provides highly personalized services in the areas of real estate closings, title insurance, title searches and escrow services. 


BFCMG is able to provide all of the services necessary for a real estate investment. These range from finding a property and creating a legal and tax structure for the investment, to managing the entire closing transaction ensuring that title does not have any defects and issuing a title insurance.  


When you work with BFCMG, you can expect outstanding results from real estate investments.

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