If your company is interested in selling in the United States, an ecommerce website is a great contribute to generate sales and find new customers. The development of an ecommerce website is an effective sales tool that is widely used by retailers and distributors. 


BFCMG and its network of experts will advise companies to determine the best solutions for the development of an effective ecommerce operation on the US market. 


BFCMG will help you create your own website for selling in the United States, by adopting proven solutions that will allow to receive orders from your clients and send that information to the Logistic company that will prepare the product for shipment. 


With the right eCommerce platform, you will be able to receive payments directly from your website to your US bank account and calculate Sales Taxes, when applicable. This is the main reason why creating a proper website structure is going to be essential for success.

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